Traditional Authority in a changing world

In the selection for Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich it talks about working in a bureaucracy, for the most part living in a bureaucracy is a good thing however, we all know what to much of a good thing leads to. Ehrenreich talks of her experience in trying to get ahead in the minimum wage world and how it was impossible to do. Bureaucracy does work however, in this case, which is the case for so many American’s today, it just seems that no matter how hard someone works to try and get ahead and to “live up to the Jones” you are never able to reach your full potential. It also can be said that not everyone is meant to be a doctor or a successful lawyer, but to have to worry about if you have enough money to survive is something that should not be the worry for as many people living in the United States as it is.

With the economy situation that the United States has entered into, it is becoming more and more visible that the minimum wage in this country is something that is very unrealistic for individuals to survive, and with the unemployment rate on the rise people will need to begin to look towards the minimum wage jobs in order to continue to have an income and to try and support their families.

Weber’s theory of Bureaucracy talks of the traditional authority and people are not accustomed to change, they do certain things because it is how they have always been done. This can be compared to our current times, you can look around and see a lot of individuals almost lost at what to do or where to go, it is an unknown with what to do with the current state of our economy and what to do when the jobs are no longer. People have never had to live through really tough times with so many unknowns and where to go, listening to my eighty-eight year old grandfather who has lived through the depression and some extremely tough times, it is so insightful to hear him speak to know what they had to go through in order to survive and make it. To know that out there we do have individuals who can act as out traditional authority and lead us in the right direction to make it through our current situation.

I feel that Weber had a great idea with traditional authority, but with all the changes in our society and so many unknowns I feel that it is hard to live by what was done in the past in order to progress to the future, those that came before us had great intentions but when you come into as rough of times as we are in, it is time to move away and begin to go towards a strong new rational legal authority and hopefully that time will come with the changes in our presidency and his cabinet that have taken place over the last few weeks.

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