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As you guys probably assumed after reading my first blog post on formalization in sports, I am a sport fanatic. I recently read a blog post on concerning how fans are reacting to baseball superstars coming out and admitting steroid use.

here is the link: Blame the Owners



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  1. Ross,

    Don’t be shy! Comment over there too! Thanks for x-post.

  2. Great post over there. What do you think Ross? read the comments, good debate.

    Does soccer have a steroids problem?

  3. Unlike other sports, soccer has seemingly escaped the magnifying glass. While baseball, football, cycling and track and field draw the most scrutiny, suspicions of soccer players does not run as high. However, there have been some cases involving soccer players and steroids.For example, Jaap Stam and Edgar Davids in 2001 for taking nandrolene. Also, in 2007 defender Sergei Sokolov was suspended for 18 months for corticosteroid and SL Benfica midfielder Nuno Assis and AC Milan striker Marco Borriello failed doping tests. But unlike baseball, soccer is yet to have its “Barry Bonds” of steroids, there have only been isolated cases of B class players. I think there main aspect that separates soccer from other sport is the fact that the best players are not necessarily the fastest or the strongest. Soccer players can use their technical and tactical abilities to overcome athletic shortcomings. For example, Argentinian Diego Maradona, considered one of the best (if not the best) midfielder in soccer history, stood an unimposing 5 foot 6 inches. What he lacked in height, he made up for in fast decision making abilities a creativity with the ball. ( :to see what i am talking about).

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