Useful graphic of Stimulus Bill

This is a useful graphic of the elements of the stimulus bill.

To see better, make your view larger by hitting ctrl + in Firefox.  Or, click on link above.

3 Responses

  1. This is really neat. It is somewhat ‘sad’ that the desired speed of spending this money will not be practically achievable. However, the distribution of the money is over a much greater area.

    It seems though that about a third of the money will not be spent until after the first term is over. Not sure what that means – but it may mean nothing if Obama gets re-elected.

  2. Did you look at on blog at original source? If here, could you see small print.

    Speed is of course relative. What timeframe did you think it would be spent over?

    One idea out there is that this was as much grand bargain as stimulus. In exchange for aid to states and tax breaks (pretty immediate stuff), Obama and his team got long term investment he campaigned on: green tech, schools, and electronic medical records.

  3. I looked at it on the original source site. I agree, when I said that the distribution was a great area, what I was alluding to was that unlike what I had in my mind, the money was not all being used to bail out giant corporations – which is a relief.

    It is being spread out to help so many different sectors, and is more of a long term investment – as you say.

    As for the time frame, I guess I was expecting more (more than 80% maybe) of the stimulus money to be spent in his first term. Especially if you look at health care information technology, which was talked about a lot on the campaign trail, it will not really take off until the middle of the next presidential term.

    Also, I had misread the chart slightly the first time around, since 2012 was labeled the election year, however, it is not until the very end of 2012 that elections take place, and not until the start of 2013 that the next-term president is sworn in, which means that more of the stimulus plan money would be spent in this term than I estimated in the last comment.

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