Cool Tool – Cog Map: A Wiki Dedicated to Organization Charts

I was on a quest to find the organization charts of online businesses when I came across Cog Map. This website utilizes the Wiki concept and allows users to create or modify organizations charts. There are many company’s already listed on here, and it is a growing database. Of course, as with Wikipedia one has to be careful and find more authentic sources for the information presented on any kind of Wiki.

The web-based utility allows you to download the organization strusture as a Comma Separated Values (csv) file and also has a feature that allows you to track changes in a given organization chart. Here is Google’s Organization Chart as an example.

3 Responses

  1. That is super cool.

    I am going to create an account. I looked at Whole Foods and it seemed odd at two levels down from Mackey. They seemed to combine functional and regional people under the two different VP level types. I wonder how charts get entered and how accurate they are… Duh. You said so above. Is it liek a wiki? Can you track changes?

    How did you find it?

    There is a list serv for Organization Theory that I need to push this out too. I’ll mention your blog post and see if we get some traffic back.

  2. Here is something I think similar for higher education:

    You will see I added myself awhile ago.

  3. I found this while looking for the org structures of ebay and amazon. i looked at the academia one also, that is quite neat. Cog Map allows you to track versions using the version tracker flyout menu on the right side.

    I tried looking for Bucknell’s org chart and no one except facilities seems to update theirs and post it online, I think Bucknell’s org chart on is from 2004.

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