Stimulus Package

I am not the most literate person to talk about economy, but with so much talk about the stimulus package I decided to read about it and was intrigued by what happened in Congress this past week.

“The Senate approved its bill most along party lines, by a vote of 61 to 37, with three Republicans joining 56 Democrats and two independents in favor.” Republicans say that there are philosophical differences that kept more republicans from voting, besides they think that the package is too expensive and it would cost future generations a lot. But, why can’t we just get along?

I keep thinking if all that or just half of it is true? Are these chosen people really working together or just pretending they are? It is funny to think that Americans often say that the United States is “a melting pot” and that every race and culture should be respected and that we should work for the common good. However, is that really happening in the government? I am not saying that one should abandon their values and totally agree with another party just because they are supposed to work together, but how about being less focused on which party you belong to and actually accepting good ideas and implementing good initiatives instead of not agreeing just because “he does not wear the same color as you do.”

I have been living here in this “melting pot” for almost ten years and often hear, “she is republican”, or “he is a democrat”, when in reality they are all Americans and should do what is better for the country, is that utopia? When it comes to the Congress, the Senate, I believe that it should be about honesty, fulfilling the job you where chosen to do. Furthermore, if we are expected to respect each other and live day to day with each other, and it doesn’t matter where our ancestors came from, why our government cannot do the same? They all sing the same anthem and pledge alliance to the same flag.

So, why can’t we all just get along??

4 Responses

  1. I put your tags and cleaned up your post. Let’s get you squared away on this.

  2. Assume that Republicans and Democrats are boundedly rational actors, like p 54 of Scott and Davis book. Then see if you can explain the behavior, as opposed to a normative idea of what they should do.

  3. What is best for the nation is a very subjective notion. Those with authority to vote on bills and acts are put into authority (largely) by people with similar thoughts. Republicans and Democrats are two different parties because of significant ideological differences, and both believe that their own set of values is what is best for the nation. The election results were (by population) almost half-half.

    Jordi: The actors in this case can be seen as bounded rational actors, most of them have irrational or emotional factors contributing to their decisions (like party allegiances) or do not have the information or the ability to process it. This is all assuming that what one party is doing is ‘right’ (the Democrats per Anna’s view) and the other is not following them in their attempts to fix the situation.

  4. Is getting along really best for the United States? What if everybody agreed with everyone else, where would we be?
    I think having two parties in government is essential to our economy and its success. It is imperative to have conflicting ideas in order for new laws and bills to work. Republicans and Democrats collectively represent the people of the United States. They balance each other out and compromise on many issues. If they always agreed with each other, flaws in their plans would surface.

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