Ken Lay = Richard Fuld

The Enron debauchle seems very similar to the recent downfall of Lehman Brothers. This video gives a glimpse of then CEO of Lehman Brothers Richard Fuld answering questions about his excessive spending and excessive salary. Since 2000, Fuld has taken nearly $500 million dollars in Take home salary.


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  1. I think it is interesting how you looked at Enron as similar to what recently occurred at Lehman Brothers. Going back to a thought I had; are CEO’s really in it for the business or are they in it for themselves? I found it interesting in the video that they bring up risks; something that Enron also did of taking risks to make money. It is funny that the big bucks seem to always lead back to those who have taken risks, but have not taken risks with their own wealth but that of their investors.

    Great video’s!

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