Lesson Learned from Enron

I stumbled across this as I was reading more on Enron, here are the 5 Lessons Learned from Enron. The one lesson that stood out in my mind was lesson number five:

Lesson Five: The secretary probably knows what’s really going on. Talk to the people doing the work, not the ones spinning the story.

It always seems that those just sitting and listening and not having a huge say in what is going on in a company; are the ones who know what is really going on in the company.

Take for example someone such as Wanda Curry, just going about her business working at Enron as one of their accountants and what does she find? The beginning of the end of Enron and their unique accounting practices, not exactly what you want to be known for, but not someone whose name was splashed all over the headlines when Enron came tumbling down in 2001.


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