Change is a Good Thing

Change in an organization is inevitable. With change can come opportunity, or it can produce failure. In the article Organizational Frame Bending: Principles for Managing Reorientation, Nadler and Tushman talk about large-scale organizational changes and the many benefits, as well as challenges that come with change in an organization.

Nadler and Tushman begin by discussing the critical issues when managing change within an organization. They discuss the characteristics that typically go along with change in an organization. These characteristics include; multiple transitions, incomplete transitions, uncertain future states, and transitions over long periods of time. As Nadler and Tushman continue, a main focus is on the realization that change cannot occur instantaneously; change is something that takes time. For a large organizational change to occur, Nadler and Tushman discuss how it can inevitable take between 5 and 7 years to complete the change; if the change is to be successful and productive.

Along with the time frame that it can take for a change in an organization to be successful and positive; also comes the realization that the large and more complex an organization is or becomes, the more difficult the change can be. With difficulty must come details, in order for the change to be a success it must be well thought out and detailed in its execution. Nadler and Tushman discuss the need to not disclose every single idea at the start of the organizational change, but to realize that if all is disclosed at the start if and when something inevitable fails, the upper management that initiated the change will be looked on as incapable of producing a successful transition and change may never occur.

Finally, Nadler and Tushman mention that as much as things can be planned out perfectly on paper, in the end there will always be mistakes made or things that present themselves that were unplanned for. These opportunities can make or break an organizational change, to be the successful leader that one is to initiate the change, they also must show that they have the ability to adapt and work through these obstacle’s.

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