_The Wire_ Assignment Details

The Wire assignment

Hello folks.  For next Tuesday, March 31, you need to watch one episode of the HBO drama The Wire.  Our episode to watch is #31, “Homecoming.” It is on disc three, and is #6 of season 3 (but 31st overall).

I picked it because it highlights some tensions around innovation for different organizations.

What will be a stretch is to pick up the show mid-season.  It is not like Law and Order or other cop shows that are designed for stand-alone viewing.  The stories and plots stretch across episodes and seasons.

For example, here is what one reviewer said:

Confused yet? Well, that’s only the beginning. “The Wire” has the steepest learning curve of any show I can think of, but that makes sense, given how the series slowly and deliberately weaves together such a dense system of cause-and-effect, involving cops, lawyers, politicians, union leaders and drug dealers in an intricate network of favors for favors. For all the show’s density, though, there’s humor, insight and inner conflict in almost every scene.[1]

BEFORE you watch it, I highly recommend you read the episode summary.  Link.

You can read up on each character here.  Cast.

I will put it on reserve on Thursday and in class send around a sign up sheet to help you self-organize.

[1] “Beyond Good and Evil in Baltimore” Havrilesky , Heather.  Salon.Com.  July 12, 2003.  http://dir.salon.com/story/ent/tv/review/2003/07/12/wire/index.html,.  Accessed March 25,2009.

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