Does one Organization define YOU?

To be given the freedom to write about a gamut of things for this final assignment, I have encountered many roadblocks. Not many opportunities are given where you are not just “assigned” a topic. As my thoughts began to come together with what I wanted to look at in reference to organizations, and how they can tie in with what was discussed throughout the course of the semester, I came to the big question of are you defined by an organization?

During your college year’s it could be said, with some confidence, that yes, you are defined by the organization’s with which you are involved with. A collegiate lifestyle is structured around what meeting you have on Monday, what speaker you go to on Tuesday, and what event is on Thursday. Organization’s make up the individual that you are. As you leave college life behind, one might think that you would leave all of the “organization’s” behind. In reality you take it all with you, you form new organization’s and build off of the one’s that you had in college.

Being involved with so many organization’s, how is it possible to appropriately devote the necessary time and commitment to each, in order for all organization to thrive? Why is it that you are seeing individuals become more and more involved, instead of excelling at one organization? And why the sudden need for individuals to be involved in numerous organization’s? The time of being defined by just one thing seems to be a thing of the past.

At the beginning of this course a questions was asked, what are you known for on this campus? A simple question, but one that comes with some struggles to find an answer, what are you known for, what defines you? Is it a good thing for one organization to define you, or do you need to be defined by many. Throughout this final paper I hope to look at how different organizational structure can benefit an individual by being involved in many things. How it can cause conflict within a person, if you are use to following a certain organizational structure, method, or theories in one organization and those same things are done differently in another organization you are involved with. Does creativity and innovation hinder an organization on a college campus or help it?

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  1. “Being involved with so many organization’s, how is it possible to appropriately devote the necessary time and commitment to each, in order for all organization to thrive?”

    This seems like a really interesting topic for your final paper. To answer your question above, I see this as the reason why we have leaders vs. slackers. People are involved in so many organizations that it is impossible to be the President of everything. We have to try and balance our time, whether it means being the number one leader in one club and a complete slacker in another, or if you disperse yourself evenly among everything.

    We clearly have only so much time and energy to devote to these organizations. It becomes important to weigh our preferences and serve only where we want to. Good luck with this idea!

  2. Not everyone defined themselves by an organization the first day of class. I think I said that I’m known for talking quickly and maybe not being greek. What types of people do define themselves by organizations / what types of people don’t?

  3. Great topic. Have your education classes talked about identity formation for college students? Reading your post, I wondered if your question is:

    Are college students now more committed to more organizations than they were in the past? How does that affect their sense of identity?

    I suspect that there is some survey or ethnographic research that sheds some light on that historical development. That would be a great platform on which to build a paper.

    A different angle I think you are suggesting is about the overall organizational structure, or even population on a given campus. If students are involved in more organizations, does that mean there are more organizations? Or more people in each one? Does that make student commitment stronger or weaker?

    See- same topic, different levels of analysis. identity first, organizations second.

  4. I was going more for the second one, is an organization made stronger or weaker by more involvement. I was looking at it as, when you get a job your are committed to that organization and many times you devote a large amount of your time to it. As a student you are in college to be a student and being in an organization(s) is second. Are you still devoting the same amount of time to that organization as you would the organization of your job? Or are you just dabbling, trying to find who, and what you are before committing? So does this make you a strong asset or weak asset to the organization.

  5. Another question may be, can you be defined by a different organization for different people? By that I mean, are you the “frat guy” to one person but the “soup kitchen volunteer” to another person? Do certain organizations define you more or in different ways than other organizations? I’d be interested to know the answers…

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