AWESOME New Technology

This will change everything.

When can I get this phone?

5 Responses

  1. My uncle has it. It’s pretty cool but the coffee is only so-so, but then again its a first generation phone, so what do you expect?

    Speaking of new things, did you see the new Google product? Autopilot?

  2. That will auto-pilot will really help me manage the 3,000 emails in my inbox and do relationship management.

    How about ones from students?

    Dear Professor,

    I can’t make it to our third advising appointment because I have stuff to do.

    I am now charging you my hourly rate. Your next appointment will be $800. Access to your PIN is available for the low, low price of $400.

    Happy to serve,
    Dr. Comas

  3. Wait, this phone is real???

  4. Stanford iPhone based Mobile Phone Orchestra (MoPho)

    Video Intro

  5. The Stanford video is fascinating. Thanks, Nadir.

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