Tax Day and Corporate Form Bonus

This week’s chapter, about the rise fo the corporate form, playso ut on the backdro of the basic institutional and regualtory background of capitlalist societies.

Regulation and economic forces are on everyone’s mind as we survey the landscape in our new post-industrial, post-bubble Great Recession.

So, I offer this longish article about Cass Sunstein, the Obama administration’s regulatory overseer described as a “radical minimalist.”

Given that the economic collapse is emphatically a regulatory failure, how will Sunstein use an office that was explicitly created to stymie regulation?

Sunstein may be more acutely living at the intersection of history and biography that Davis and Scott described (342).

Also, if you want some quick hits on what to do about the tax code, see this feature on

If you were God and could order one change in the American way of taxing, what would it be?

My answer in the comments.

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