Final Paper: How economy affects sports

In the past few months, the economy has been on the fore front of the American conscious. Many of us, including myself, have a fair understanding of why and how our situation came to be this terrible, but do not fully grasp the complexity of the entire mess. This lack of understanding I feel creates a buffer zone between the American public and the finance sector.  Then the day came my comfortable buffer zone of naivety was shatter. The arena known as the Wachovia center, home to my beloved  Flyers and 76ers,  is now no more. When Wachovia Bank went under, the naming rights went with it. Currently, Wells Fargo and CitiGroup are battling over who has the naming rights. This example is just one of the growing trend of the economy effecting sports franchises, players, and most importantly fans. In my paper, I will explore and highlight how the current economy is effecting how franchises run and market their teams. For example, the Arizona Diamond backs are running a program where they award fans extremely affected by the economy free season tickets. While addressing the situation in sports, I will specifically analyze how fan’s ticket and merchandise purchasing habits have been affected, and the resulting change in marketing schemes by teams and owners. Because of the broad topic of this paper, I will limit my research to include the largest leagues in the U.S: NBA, MLB, and NFL teams. Sorry hockey fans but I’m sure you are used to people not caring (joke!).  To get the ball rolling I have included two articles that I have posted below that give a sound overview of the current situation in sports. I would love for some input from the class in order to narrow down my research window!

Current Economic Conditions Could Effect Entire Sports Industry

England Exit to Cost the Economy up to 1 Billion

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  1. Ross, you got 96 hits on this yesterday. Guess you got the sports bloggers.

  2. Adaptation of the organizations or organizational population would seem like a good place to start.

    Your beloved sports arena is not actually disappearing is it? You are upset it no longer has Wachovia in the name?

  3. I did a presentation in another class about how the NBA is handling the economic situation. I’ll dig up the articles we used and any notes we put together. It’s really interesting to learn about the techniques they are using to keep ticket sales up even though tickets to games are a consumer discretionary purchase.

  4. It’s funny how you are focusing on professional sports because even though they are feeling the economic crisis, I think the collegiate sports are being hit the hardest. Just to make my point in the last month 2 universities dropped their women’s volleyball program and another one dropped their soccer program men’s and women’s.

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  6. i am doing a very similar paper for my economics class. All my major sources are from the fall though. were you able to find more recent information?

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