Organization Culture– Final Paper

After struggling to decide on my final paper topic, I have finally arrived at a decision.  I would like to continue my studies from class on organizational culture especially those cultures impacted by tragedy or change.  After reading The Smartest Guys in the Room I have become increasingly interested in the effects that culture has on the organization, and how organizational culture can be manipulated and changed for the better or worse.

The first part of my paper will begin with an examination of culture through the book Lord of the Flies. After reading this book when I was younger, and watching the movie, I can now see after taking Organization Theory that Lord of the Flies demonstrates how culture is created and defined. It shows how young boys stranded on a small deserted island learn to function together. The culture that emerges is based on the crisis of being deserted on the island, incorporating each of their family’s values, having no government on the island, fearing monsters in caves, and many other things. The boys go through the process of organizing groups and creating a hierarchal structure.

In the second part of my paper, I would like to examine the effects that the Virgin Tech shooting had on the university. I would like to focus on how the school has changed since the shootings by examining new policies and rules in place. I would also like to examine how they have dealt with their current students, in addition to recruiting new students. How do they portray their culture now to students who are looking at their school?

In the final part of my paper, I would like to examine the effects on the new Yankee Stadium on the culture at the Yankees. My sister is currently working for the Yankees as manager of guest relations. With the new stadium in place, she is working on a program she designed called “Yankees for Yankees.” This program offers several solutions to better immerse Yankee fans into the Yankee culture. Losing a stadium that had so much history can have an effect on the guests and the employees, therefore to make everyone feel more a part of the Yankee culture than ever, she has plans to connect the fans, to connect employees, and to connect employees (and players) to the fans. Her plans (which I will discuss in the paper) involve a lot of networking. Therefore, I will examine the effects of networking on strengthening culture.

I am hoping that by the end of my paper I establish just how much of an effect that culture has on an organization. I want to do this through a demonstration of different groups or organizations effected by tragedy or large changes. Thoughts?

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  1. Sounds like a lot of topics to deal with. Stunning range- Lord of the Flies , Virginia Tech shooting and Bucknell, and finally Yankees’ planned response. It can work, I think. Depends also on the genre and audience. You should reflect more on this.

  2. It would be interesting to see how the fans react to this program, since for some being an Yankee is a part of “who you are.” However, I have a question, who creates the culture, the fans or the organization?

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