The Best of April 10 to April 17

Hi Everyone! The blog council (Jordi, Josh, Kristen, and Holly) met this morning and we really enjoyed discussing everyone’s posts. This week was a little different in terms of blog format because there was a mix of normal blogs and paper topic ideas, so our categories may seem a little more non-traditional than the usual ones. For example, you’ll notice that there is no “best written” category this week, simply because the writing style and structure of trying to convey a paper topic idea is a lot different than that of the “normal” blog posts. Anyway, nice work everyone!

Best use of theory:
Blaire with People Outweigh Media?

Best to spark discussion:
Anna with Favela de Rochinha

I wanna read your paper:
Geoff with Structures’ role in Organizations: Yankee Stadium

Best structure:
Nadir with Star-Gate Process – Roadmap for New Product Development

Good Luck With That (said with love):
Kelli with Organization Culture – Final Paper

Most consistent passion:
Ross with How Economy Affects Sports

Taking the blog up a notch:
Megan with Corporations Going Global and Adapting to Local Culture

MIA for the week: Evan and Dave

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