The Final Home Stretch

As the weather begins to warm up outside and more and more Bucknell flip-flops are on the feet of so many students on campus, you know that the home stretch is finally here. Rooms will be packed up, projects will be completed, and final papers will be turned in. As I begin this final paper, a thought continually enters my mind about all of those students wondering through the academic quad on a bright and sunny day; are these students the strong student leader’s that we need on campus? Or are they more of a liability to their organizations due to students over involvement? Do student’s today have the time to become strong student leader’s or are they over-committed?

For my final paper I have already discussed how I want to look at student organizations and if the students involved in them, feel that they define them or are defined by them. I am also interested to see if a student who is, or is not defined by an organization, is an asset to that organization or is a liability. Can a student who is over committed really make the time commitment that needs to be made in order for an organization to be successful?

Astin and Tinto have done extensive research on student involvement and this is data that I hope to include in my final paper. I want to examine how the structure of particular organizations affects the asset, liability factor. It is well known that Greek letter organizations have some of the most structured system on a college campus, where as a club that is just beginning may struggle to create that successful structure. I will use the information from the Davis and Scott text to show what is needed in order to have a successful organizational structure in a student organization.

I am looking to create multiple blog posts for this assignment, and in the final piece blog about what policies might need to be put in place to ensure student success as well as successful student organizations on a college campus.

6 Responses

  1. Where did the video come from?

  2. Dave says yes.

  3. Anna says no.

  4. The video was created by Michael Wesch in collaboration with 200 students at Kansas State University in the spring of 2007.Dr. Wesch works with digital ethnography at Kansas State, this is a link to more information on what he does and about the project “A Vision of Students Today”

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