Do the ChaCha!

Haven’t you heard?! Everyone is doing the ChaCha. If you think I am talking about the popular dance butchered by drunk parents at wedding parties, then get out from under your rock! Let me throw down a hypothetical for you…You are at a bar and you and your buddies have been arguing non stop about what is the optimal maturing time of cognac. You go around the bar asking everyone, even the bar tender, and no one seems to know the answer. CHACHA to the rescue! Just pull out your cell phone and text the question to ChaCha’s human answering service and within one to three minutes an answer is sent back to your cell phone.

ChaCha is a mobile answering service which uses a technique known as social searching. Social searching is a type of web search method that determines the relevance of search results by considering the interactions and contributions of users. In January 2008, ChaCha launched a new text service that allowed users to ask questions and receive answers via text message. Unlike similar mobile search services, ChaCha does not require special character codes to get results as searches are answered by humans instead of computer interpretation. A plain sentence question will get an answer along with a link to a short URL that takes users to a page that contains a link to the page where the guide gathered the results and the guides name or handle.

ChaCha is so unique because it uses human to human interaction instead of human to computer. Each question texted in by a person is read by a “guide” that finds the answer and texts back the answer. Guides earn up to 10 cents per question answered and normally can make between 3-9 dollars an hour. Thats not bad considering you are getting paid to surf the internet for random bits of information. Currently, ChaCha has over 20,000 guides and answers millions of questions a month. I think ChaCha is an amazing tool because it utilizes human interaction to complete it’s mission, an idea many corporations have been moving away from, opting to instead mechanize their networks using computers. After discovering this amazing tool I was wondering if their are any other services or corporations that could follow this mass human interaction business model?

O and I almost forgot, “the optimal maturing time for cognac is half the barrel after two to three years of maturing, the eau-de-vie reaches qualities proper to consumption. But if allowed more time, the rest of the barrel gains in complexity, perfume, aroma, and taste. Bouquet and mellowness reach their best after 50 years.” Thanks ChaCha.

7 Responses

  1. ChaCha is awesome for indecisive people as myself. If I don’t know what I am in the mood to eat I can text ChaCha and they answer!

  2. What a great idea. I think that proves that does not matter how much technology we have…we still need some sort of human interaction

  3. Here’s a great plan for any of you who live with a group of people: Register as a question answerer for ChaCha and leave a common computer logged into the account. Any time anyone you live with has some free time, answer some questions. You won’t rake in millions, but you’ll get some money you can spend on communal items (food, etc.)

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  6. Wow! This is a pretty neat idea. It’s weird to find something that uses human to human interaction and doesn’t rely totally on technology. Has anyone ever used Cha Cha? Only 10 cents per question? Seems pretty lame to me, seeing as in one hour you would have to answer 50 questions just to make 5 dollars.

  7. Chacha is definitely great but it has its limits as well. I know several people that worked as guides and the validity and accuracy is not always on the money. Regardless, its a great service for those stupid unimportant questions we college kids tend to come up with.

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