Preliminary Instructions If You Are Doing a Wiki Article

Several of you say you plan to do a long wiki article for yoru final paper.

Here is what I want you to do.

1) Write it (complete with any relevnat photographs, tables, figures, and so on.  You probably want ot use word.

2) You will post it to two wikis, hopefully.  First, the NEW wiki I am tentativley calling “Organizations and Organizing.”  I hope to find a better title.  I also hope that this will eventually become a year to year resource for me and future students.   Wetpaint seems like a very user-friendly wiki.  Furthermore, it has export options, so eventually, I can migrate it if needed.  I drea, of a joomla site someday.

I did this today 9cut-n-paste from Word) with some basic formatting and it worked pretty well.

3) Second, the big enchilda, the mothership, the borg of collaborative knowledge,  THis can be a little trickier.  You will need an account.  I pasted from wetpaint (just text) with no problem.

  1. I embedded a link in the Manuel Castells article to mine using this syntax
  2. [[term]]  This created a new page in wikipedia that I could then edit.
  3. Wikipedia is pretty user friendly and has lots of help.  For reference notes, there is a button you push and then just type the text there.  When you save it it pushes the text down to the end of the article.

When you have posted your article, you better take a screen shot of your compter because lord knows how long it will last.

How do I turn in my paper?

1) Post it to Organizations adn Organizing.

2) Post it to

3) Email me that you have posted it and include your screenshot!

ASK if you have questions.

We may update these instructions based on your experiences.

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