Great Fashion+Hacker Blog

A student of mine for her final project creatded a blog about recycled fashion.

Ditch or Stitch!

Great name!

Happy reading.


Best of Last Week!!

Okay, so since we are the last blog council we decided to break the rules and give an award to everyone ūüôā¬† Since, we all worked really hard during these weeks of classes and blogs.

So now…dim the lights…and the awards go to:

Best Use of Theory

Geoff – The Facebook Effect

Wittney – Amusement Parks as a Center of the Vacation Organizational Field


Best book proposal

Holly – Applying my Ideas to Enron


Sustainability of higher education

Blaire – Sustainability in Higher Education


Class and blog together…Linking Across Classes

Blaire – Sustainability in Higher Education


Woo Haa what the hell last blog

Megan – Should there be more teams in the NFL?


Best Booster for Local Tourism

Wittney – Amusement Parks as a Center of the Vacation Organizational Field


Best life hack suggestionRoss- Do the ChaCha ,

Evan-¬† What’s the Big Deal


Most likely to erase her own career :<)

Anna  :<(__! (tapping my foot) РThe         Specialization of the Athletic Department


Most likely to promote her career

Kristen – Final Home Stretch

Best focusing in on final paper

Josh – Paper Take II IDEO

Most succinct post :<)-

Nadir – Visual Guide to the US Budget

Best use of, you know, an actual BOOK:

Dave – Final Paper Thoughts

Visual Guide to the US Budget

Super-cool visual representation of the US Budget.

Continue reading

File Under “What Will They Think of Next…”

I am linking to this NY Times story about crazy adventure travel mainly as Dave told us about his experiences with the Bucknell Brigade in Nicaragua.

Squinting in the Nicaraguan sun, I found the goggles that had flown off my head during my tumble and shimmied over to my board, slowly slipping downhill all the while. I somehow regained my seated position on the board and immediately submitted again to gravity, zooming down, down, down, until I slid to a gentle stop amid applause from fellow boarders.

This was my introduction to volcano boarding, a young adventure activity that has popped up, most notably at Cerro Negro, an ominous charcoal-black volcano in western Nicaragua.

Tax Day and Corporate Form Bonus

This week’s chapter, about the rise fo the corporate form, playso ut on the backdro of the basic institutional and regualtory background of capitlalist societies.

Regulation and economic forces are on everyone’s mind as we survey the landscape in our new post-industrial, post-bubble Great Recession.

So, I offer this longish article about Cass Sunstein, the Obama administration’s regulatory overseer described as a “radical minimalist.”

Given that the economic collapse is emphatically a regulatory failure, how will Sunstein use an office that was explicitly created to stymie regulation?

Sunstein may be more acutely living at the intersection of history and biography that Davis and Scott described (342).

Also, if you want some quick hits on what to do about the tax code, see this feature on

If you were God and could order one change in the American way of taxing, what would it be?

My answer in the comments.

Favela da Rocinha

Since the reading from this week’s class started with an entrepreneur in Brazil, I decided to write about the favelas in Brazil, but to use one in particular as a topic for my final paper; the ¬†Favela da Rocinha.

Favelas are shanty towns and unfortunately are very common in Brazil. “Shanty towns are units of irregular self-constructed housing that are typically unlicensed and occupied illegally. They are usually on lands belonging to third parties, and are most often located on the urban periphery. Shanty town residences are built randomly, although ad hoc networks of stairways, sidewalks, and simple tracks allow passage through them. Most favelas are inaccessible by vehicle, due to their narrow and irregular streets and walkways and often steep inclines.(wikipedia)

The Rocinha saw its first occupants in 1930, when a large farm was divided into small pieces of land; its first inhabitants were farmers also and lived of the land, selling its produce at the weekly farmer’s market. Continue reading

AWESOME New Technology

This will change everything.

When can I get this phone?