Great Fashion+Hacker Blog

A student of mine for her final project creatded a blog about recycled fashion.

Ditch or Stitch!

Great name!

Happy reading.


Networks and Pandemics

We talked about networks some in class.

Here is a good and easy to follow explanation of how a workplace contact network for good stuff (ideas, support) becomes the basis for a pandemic of bad stuff (swine flu).

Is being able to collect and analyze this type of data something you would like to have a class in?  To see the full range of what network research is up to see here or here.

Preliminary Instructions If You Are Doing a Wiki Article

Several of you say you plan to do a long wiki article for yoru final paper.

Here is what I want you to do.

1) Write it (complete with any relevnat photographs, tables, figures, and so on.  You probably want ot use word.

2) You will post it to two wikis, hopefully.  First, the NEW wiki I am tentativley calling “Organizations and Organizing.”  I hope to find a better title.  I also hope that this will eventually become a year to year resource for me and future students.   Wetpaint seems like a very user-friendly wiki.  Furthermore, it has export options, so eventually, I can migrate it if needed.  I drea, of a joomla site someday.

I did this today 9cut-n-paste from Word) with some basic formatting and it worked pretty well.

3) Second, the big enchilda, the mothership, the borg of collaborative knowledge,  THis can be a little trickier.  You will need an account.  I pasted from wetpaint (just text) with no problem.

  1. I embedded a link in the Manuel Castells article to mine using this syntax
  2. [[term]]  This created a new page in wikipedia that I could then edit.
  3. Wikipedia is pretty user friendly and has lots of help.  For reference notes, there is a button you push and then just type the text there.  When you save it it pushes the text down to the end of the article.

When you have posted your article, you better take a screen shot of your compter because lord knows how long it will last.

How do I turn in my paper?

1) Post it to Organizations adn Organizing.

2) Post it to

3) Email me that you have posted it and include your screenshot!

ASK if you have questions.

We may update these instructions based on your experiences.

File Under “What Will They Think of Next…”

I am linking to this NY Times story about crazy adventure travel mainly as Dave told us about his experiences with the Bucknell Brigade in Nicaragua.

Squinting in the Nicaraguan sun, I found the goggles that had flown off my head during my tumble and shimmied over to my board, slowly slipping downhill all the while. I somehow regained my seated position on the board and immediately submitted again to gravity, zooming down, down, down, until I slid to a gentle stop amid applause from fellow boarders.

This was my introduction to volcano boarding, a young adventure activity that has popped up, most notably at Cerro Negro, an ominous charcoal-black volcano in western Nicaragua.

Final Paper Using Wiki

Several of you are planning to do the long form wiki article for your final paper.

Here is the link for topics under Organization Theory on wikipedia (the big English one,

As you can see, there is plenty of room for you to add a whole article.

You will need an account.

You will want to edit in a reference in the main organization theory/studies page.

I am ALSO exploring the possibility of starting my own organization studies wiki since I have not found a dedicated one and I would like to capture what you all are doing. Then, you could double post your article, to wikipedia and to the new one.

I could use some help.  Anyone know a good wiki platform?  Have you all looked for dedicated org theory wikis?

Student Loan Programs

Here is a little from a NY Times editorial about the student loan program.  Interesting example of how the rules of a particular industry get written. This industry may hit a little closer to home than railroads or shipping.

Private companies that reap undeserved profits from the federal student-loan program are gearing up to kill a White House plan that would get them off the dole and redirect the savings to federal scholarships for the needy. Instead of knuckling under to the powerful lending lobby, as it has so often done in the past, Congress needs to finally put the taxpayers’ interests first.

Tax Day and Corporate Form Bonus

This week’s chapter, about the rise fo the corporate form, playso ut on the backdro of the basic institutional and regualtory background of capitlalist societies.

Regulation and economic forces are on everyone’s mind as we survey the landscape in our new post-industrial, post-bubble Great Recession.

So, I offer this longish article about Cass Sunstein, the Obama administration’s regulatory overseer described as a “radical minimalist.”

Given that the economic collapse is emphatically a regulatory failure, how will Sunstein use an office that was explicitly created to stymie regulation?

Sunstein may be more acutely living at the intersection of history and biography that Davis and Scott described (342).

Also, if you want some quick hits on what to do about the tax code, see this feature on

If you were God and could order one change in the American way of taxing, what would it be?

My answer in the comments.