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Post-it Notes

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If you have seen Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion (I don’t particularly recommend it) than you might recall their claim of becoming successful business women by inventing post-it notes. I cannot say I remember whether or not any of their classmates believed them, but certainly no one would believe they invented the newest form of the post-it note. The HP TouchSmart IQ770 found in “every home of the future” is a:

“…high-end PC and features a 19 inch widescreen, touch sensitive display. Its height and viewing angles are easily adjustable. A wireless keyboard hides under the unit when not in use. The TouchSmart is equipped with tuners for both standard and digital TV broadcasts. ”

The idea is that this PC would be placed in the kitchen as a way to leave notes for family members, as well as get the local weather forecast, edit photos, or of course watch TV. At first I was extremely impressed. What a wonderful idea to combine those specific devices into one. It’s sort of like combining an iPod and cell phone – brilliant! Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

Then with further reading my excitement dwindled as I learned that, at least according to Stephen H. Wildstrom, the author of Still Can’t Beat a Post-It Note (Business Week, February 26), the TouchSmart has many flaws and as the title of the article implies, cannot compare to a post-it note. The reasons this new device fails in my opinion:

  • A post-it note is in your face, the TouchSmart requires you to open the program and view messages.
  • Price comparisons cannot even be made considering the TouchSmart runs for about $1,795.
  • The calendar program is separate from the notes.
  • You can make an entry visible to everyone, but not indicate who is belongs to.

With these large flaws, as well as my personal love of real post-it notes, with their multitude of uses, colors and sizes, I am not making the switch anytime soon. Sometimes advanced technology is just too advanced for what can really be solved with a simple square of paper with a sticky backing.

Do you often use post-it notes? What do you use them for? Do you think technology over complicates what can be made simple, or are you always a fan of technological advances?

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