This is the same as what was handed out in class (1/28/2009).  JC


  • Þ    We can explore and examine organizations as they unfold in the world around us.
  • Þ    We can write and get feedback in a free, open, participatory manner
  • Þ    We can use the Internet, and the web’s dynamics, to build audiences for what we write and discuss.
  • Þ    We have a venue and arena for responding to and using theory to understand better current events, our own experiences, and research into organizations.
  • Þ    We have a tool that we can modify and shape according to our needs and interests.


☼     You may write as often as you like in terms of creating posts of any length.  Have fun!

☼     At a minimum, you need to produce at least one longer post on assigned weeks.  A post is the basic unit of writing of a blog.  For your minimum, you will need a post of at least 4 paragraphs, about 1-2 pages in a word document.

☼     You have wide latitude in your posts’ topics.

☼     In general, you want to make theory come alive by discussing concrete, relevant examples drawn from media sources, public research, your own experience and observations, and the blogosphere itself.

☼     You must use ideas, concepts, perspectives or theories from Organizations and Organizing in your posts.

☼     If your posts are too narrow or repetitive, the editors and I will let you know what we would like to see.

☼     You need to make substantive, probing, engaging and even critical comments on your colleague’s posts.  The minimum is three per week on the weeks that have assigned posts.

☼     On a rotating basis, everyone will be on the blog council.  The council will work with me for a week at a time to make editorial suggestions, recognize outstanding writing, and mold the blog as we see fit.


1.      You will need an account with to be able to write posts.  We will set these up in class.

2.      In general, on the weeks when there is an assigned blog post, you will need it done by noon on Wednesday.  This is to give me and the blog council time to read and react.  There will be exceptions.

3.      We will discuss blogging tips and techniques from time to time in class.  I will let you know ahead of time what those days are so you can bring your laptop.

4.      From time to time, I will offer certain topics based on readings, other blogs, campus speakers and whatever else the world throws up for us.


I will evaluate the quality of your minimum posts and participation according to the following criteria:

Þ    Spirit and enthusiasm for the topics and for making theory come alive

Þ    Substance and sophistication of thinking

Þ    Generosity in participating in blogging community

Þ    Creativity and willingness to take risks

You can expect intermittent feedback from our classmates, the blog council, and me.


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