Where Did They Learn this Stuff?

Economic Meltdown Bankers – Harvard MBA, Stern School of Business – Business School | wowOwow
Which schools are the Academies of the Apocalypse, and who and how many went to each?

Is how Deborah Barrow launches into her list.  Harvard is on top.  This is amusing, but not a very systematic pool of candidates.


Skin in the Game Prevents OPiuM Addiction

Professor Guver in our Department has penned an article about the banking sector.  He advocates a  return to strictly private ownership of financial firms.  Go read it to get Opium pun.

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Preventing Human Nature

While reading about the debacle and collapse of Enron, I find myself constantly drawing connections between the largest bankruptcy in U.S history, and the pending doom faced by our nation’s banks. Before the U.S began to expirience an economic downturn, both Enron, and our nations banking powerhouses, such as Citigroup, both strongly resisted government regulation. Instead, companies perfered a free market without government rules and regulations. Enron, and other companies during the late 90’s, stressed the importance of free market trading and deregulation, because quite simply, thats how the big bucks are made, and to Enron, thats all that really mattered. Although free markets create massive amounts of wealth, as we saw with Enron (and now our nations banking system), thay can also create huge problems. Continue reading