Best of February 24th – March 3rd

The Best of Bloginization This Week…

General Tips and Suggestions: 

  • Write with care, compose your posts in Microsoft Word to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes. Review your posts at least once before publishing. 
  • When adding hyperlinks to your posts, select the text you wish to link and click the Insert/edit link button (or press Alt + Shift + A) you may add links to your comments by using this syntax: <a href=”url“>Link text</a> where url is replaced by the Internet link and Link text is replaced by the text which will appear as the link. 
  • Add more sources to your posts, think from the perspective of a stranger, what claims would they like to see justified?
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Best Overall: Leah’s The Enron Elixir

Best Original Theory: Holly’s Places I Don’t See Hierarchies: 1) Enron… , Leah’s The Enron Elixir

Best Adapted Theory: Dave’s Enron Population

Best Quality of Writing: Evan’s When the wind blows, the house of cards will fall, Leah’s The Enron Elixir, Dave’s Enron Population

Food for Thought: Josh’s To be Ethical, or not to be Ethical, Megan’s Does achieving goals mean success?

King of Quotes: Evan’s When the wind blows, the house of cards will fall

Best Pop Song Lyrics: The song “Go hmmm…” in Wittney’s Enron’s Visions and Values: What are they hiding?

Original Video Research: Blaire’s Three Blind Mice

Most Interactive: Kelli’s This is the lesson that never ends…? , Evan’s When the wind blows, the house of cards will fall, Leah’s The Enron Elixir

Best One-Liner: Take on Lewisburg’s weather in Blaire’s Three Blind Mice 

Most Commented: Evan’s When the wind blows, the house of cards will fall with 8 comments

Best Title: Leah’s The Enron Elixir and Evan’s When the wind blows, the house of cards will fall 


Best of Feb 16-Feb 23

Announcing This Week’s Best Of…

Thanks to Ross and Blaire, this week’s Blgo Council.  They also wrote our new “About Us” page.

Best Overall (content and writing)

Zuffola’s “Rock Bottom”

Most Theoretical

Using the way back machine to pull in Fayol, the award goes to Kristin’s “Enron and The Former President.”

The Blogitzer (Blog + Pulitzer)

Best written… Leah’s “When There’s a Will, There’s a Scheme.”

Honorable Mention for Amusing or Entertaining Post

Jgoods’ has the goods here: “Where do I Want  to Work?” This  post is also notable for having the Best Image.

The Envelope-Pusher’s Citation for Posts that go Above and Beyond

Two posts are really outstanding in this category.

Nadir’s “Cooking the Books: Recipes from Around the World” a post that also deserves a shout out for Great Title.

Megan’s sleuthing continues as she enlightens us with the mysteriously titled “Section 402

The Commenter’s Early Bird Award goes to Nadir

Finally, the Student Thumbs Up for Funny Line: “we kick it to the curb (or in the dogs case, we serve it poisoned meat).”   Geoff, hope your vacation helped you mellow out!

The Best…

Of the first Two Weeks…

Special thanks to Evan and Leah for being the first two guest editors on the Blog Council. Of course, none of their fine work could be included for consideration.  These were not easy decisions, so kudos to everyone for producing such good content.

The council will provide individual feedback to a few randomly selected authors.  We want to encourage everyone to use more tags, practice embedding photos in posts, and write GOOD titles.



This is your captain speaking.

A few reminders as you post.

  1. Make sure you use the right category.  These are on the left of the dashbaord screen.  There are just a few choices to keep it simple.
    • Blog= Your minimum long blog post or any other “normal” posts.
    • Fun= Anything else you want to add.  The potpourri category.
    • Concept= For your concepts for the annotated conceptography.
    • Resource= Anything that is  useful research or reference resource.  Probably more for me to use.
    • Class= News and notes from class.
  2. Tags.  These you create and can be as many and multiple as we like.  Be aware though that “thoery” is likely a tag that someone else has already created.  As you start to type one, the software will prompt you for tags with same first letters.  We don’t need “bureaucracy” and “bureaucrat.”  You can click on a tag on a post to see other posts with the same tag.
  3. The goal is to have NO POSTS without categories and tags.
  4. I can’t tell “kbh2” from KFC, and neither can you.  Please change your display name. Instructions (click).
  5. Comment as often and as long as you like.  That is part of the fun of blogging.