“Hey Big Spender! Spend Some Time…” Thinking About Where Your Money Is Coming From

My biggest question about the economic crisis? What is the government going to do to prevent all of the bail out money (tax payers money) from going to pay for large bonuses and extravagant corporate “conferences”? Continue reading


Simpsons on the Mortgage Crisis

I was watching Hulu today and saw this episode of the Simpsons. Homer throws a huge Mardi Gras party by taking out a home equity loan. His variable rate then increases dramatically.  Ross inspired me.



(I really wish I could embed this but we do not have the Hulu plugin installed yet)

From T(r)ee to T(r)ee

While looking through recent (a relative term used for any time period ranging from a few hours to a couple years) news items related to restructuring of organizations to meet new global challenges, I cam across two different organizations – Tata and Toyota. These are names that I had grown up hearing all the time in Pakistan. Tata was a business giant from India that produced (among other things) vehicles. Meanwhile, Toyota specialized in the production of automobiles and last year became the world’s largest manufacturer ahead of General Motors.

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