Final Paper Using Wiki

Several of you are planning to do the long form wiki article for your final paper.

Here is the link for topics under Organization Theory on wikipedia (the big English one,

As you can see, there is plenty of room for you to add a whole article.

You will need an account.

You will want to edit in a reference in the main organization theory/studies page.

I am ALSO exploring the possibility of starting my own organization studies wiki since I have not found a dedicated one and I would like to capture what you all are doing. Then, you could double post your article, to wikipedia and to the new one.

I could use some help.  Anyone know a good wiki platform?  Have you all looked for dedicated org theory wikis?


Kiva and Microfinance-Final Paper Topic


After struggling to find an appealing and interesting topic to write my final paper about, I’ve finally decided to analyze microfinance institutions in the United States,  specifically Kiva.  The readings this week sparked my interest and curiosity in organizations such as these, and I think this can make for a fascinating paper.  I’ve found past few discussions we’ve had in class revolving around innovation and social entrepreneurship to be incredibly interesting and believe that their impact as well as importance in the world for years to come will be ever increasing and profound.  Even though I don’t have any personal experience with these types of institutions, I want to use this paper to learn more about them while at the same time analyzing their organizational viability and characteristics.  So here are the preliminary ideas I’d like to address within the paper.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!! Continue reading

Final Paper: The Stage-Gate Process

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Organizing Online Social Networks

For my final paper I’d like to take a stab at answering the question, what type of organization is an online social network? There are a number of past and current examples of OSNs such as Facebook, Myspace, MyhometownLink, and many others—but how exactly are they classified as an organization? What sort of characteristics do they have? Why are they useful or what is their purpose? How are they potentially dangerous or detrimental to others? What is their effect on other more traditional organizations such as businesses or government? Are they a natural, rational, or open system?

Woaoaoaoaoa sooooo many

Woaoaoaoaoa sooooo many

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Final Paper Topic – Bucknell University

Sitting in the lush farmlands of Central Pennsylvania, Bucknell University is one of the premier liberal arts universities in the nation.  It boasts an absolutely magnificant campus, talented faculty, and intelligent and motivated student body (if I don’t say so myself).  Having now spent almost three years at this university I believe that I have had the opportunity to see this university in a very different light that most students do.  I have worked with deans, faculty, students, and high-level administrators and have a gotten a “behind the scenes” view of how this university is run.  It would be easy state that the goal of Bucknell University is to educate students in a liberal arts setting to a degree where they will have the ability to succeed as citizens in the 21st century.  Yet, there are so many more facets to Bucknell as an organization than simply educating students.

Bucknell University

Bucknell University

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What kinds of laws govern organizations?

When I first read the final paper guidelines, I felt a little intimidated by the open-ended nature of the assignment. So far, we’ve been given pretty specific direction; yet have still been given some freedom in constructing our topics. So, at first, this assignment seemed a little daunting. Thinking about everything we’ve read in Scott and Davis, the convoluted story of Enron, the numerous articles we have discussed – it seems nearly impossible to tie everything together under one umbrella. Then class today happened…
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