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Where do I want to work……..

Where do I want to work?  This is a question that all of us are going to have to deal with sooner or later (sorry Seniors, but I’m glad I have 1 year left) and so I decided to look around a little bit and check out companies that I thought would be COOL to work for.  I figured that a good place to start would probably be FORTUNE’s list of the top companies to work for (brilliant logic I know).  So here I was staring at companies like Google, NetApp, Whole Foods, and Apple and it dawned on me- I want to work for a company that does things differently.  Continue reading

Tod Murphy – On the road to success?

Tod Murphy has taken a huge leap into the pool of dining.  He has stepped backwards and attempted to bring back the basics by supplying 60-70% of locally grown food.  Supporting local farmers is, what I believe, a very worthy cause.  Although this article was written four years ago, when I look at our economy now I cringe.  Something needs to be done to stimulate the economy.

I received a rather funny e-mail from my parents the other day.  It discussed the economic stimulus packet that taxpayers are going to receive this year.  The e-mail was arranged in a Q&A format, and was clearly against this proposed government issuance of money.  What really caught my attention was the end of the e-mail, which I have conveniently copied here:

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