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Technology and the Globalization of Taste

Theodore Bestor wrote an article entitled “How Sushi Went Global,” in 2000, and after reading it I felt it exemplified some ideals of technology that we have been discussing. Sushi has been at the top of Japanese cuisine for over a thousand years. It originally arose as a way of preserving food. Fish were placed in rice and allowed to ferment, which permitted individuals to keep fish edible for some time. Until the 1960’s there was little mention of Japanese food in the United States media, and when mentioned recipes included cooked shrimp on caraway rye bread rather than the customary raw fish on rice. As technology and innovation were developing post WWII, globalization gave Americans a new appreciation for traditional Japanese cuisine. Continue reading

From T(r)ee to T(r)ee

While looking through recent (a relative term used for any time period ranging from a few hours to a couple years) news items related to restructuring of organizations to meet new global challenges, I cam across two different organizations – Tata and Toyota. These are names that I had grown up hearing all the time in Pakistan. Tata was a business giant from India that produced (among other things) vehicles. Meanwhile, Toyota specialized in the production of automobiles and last year became the world’s largest manufacturer ahead of General Motors.

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