Student Loan Programs

Here is a little from a NY Times editorial about the student loan program.  Interesting example of how the rules of a particular industry get written. This industry may hit a little closer to home than railroads or shipping.

Private companies that reap undeserved profits from the federal student-loan program are gearing up to kill a White House plan that would get them off the dole and redirect the savings to federal scholarships for the needy. Instead of knuckling under to the powerful lending lobby, as it has so often done in the past, Congress needs to finally put the taxpayers’ interests first.


Tax Day and Corporate Form Bonus

This week’s chapter, about the rise fo the corporate form, playso ut on the backdro of the basic institutional and regualtory background of capitlalist societies.

Regulation and economic forces are on everyone’s mind as we survey the landscape in our new post-industrial, post-bubble Great Recession.

So, I offer this longish article about Cass Sunstein, the Obama administration’s regulatory overseer described as a “radical minimalist.”

Given that the economic collapse is emphatically a regulatory failure, how will Sunstein use an office that was explicitly created to stymie regulation?

Sunstein may be more acutely living at the intersection of history and biography that Davis and Scott described (342).

Also, if you want some quick hits on what to do about the tax code, see this feature on

If you were God and could order one change in the American way of taxing, what would it be?

My answer in the comments.

Right and Wrong

       In “Homecoming” there was a definite breaking of American law.  Avon Barksdale, Stringer Bell, Marlo Stanfield, and others were participating in drug trading and assault. To all intents and purposes, what they did was illegal and un-American. Although they operated a drug trade business, few legitimate businesses would operate under the same terms as them. Nonetheless, there are situations that present themselves to these legitimate organizations that are not necessarily clear cut right or wrong. How do these organizations go about deciding when it is ok to participate in perhaps questionable business– when it is ok to slightly step over the line of the law? I’ve decided to turn a discussion of two different ethical theories to find method for organizations to determine when it is ok to participate in “risky business.”

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Where is the Stimulus Money going?

Resources  if you want to dig in deep.

Find out how the government is accounting for our tax dollars.

Cool graphic of all the money allocated last fall:

Tracking TARP money:

My Big Question = HUH?


Sources: Moody’s; Congressional Budget Office; Office of Management and Budget
Notes: U.S. Deficit measured in billions of dollars; GDP measured in 2007 U.S. dollars

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They Know Something We Dont Know

A little over a week ago I booked a spring break vacation to Cancun, Mexico.  It took me a while to choose which tropical destination I wanted to visit, and then even longer to decide on a hotel in my country of choice. The only reason I finally came to a decision was because there was only one week left until spring break, and my friends began demanding I make a choice so we could all book it. When I finally did make a choice, everyone was very relieved…for less than 12 hours.

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The Government of the United States

I have heard many US Americans complain about the Government here and its flaws. I dare you to read this post, if by the end of it, you can draw me an organization chart of the Government I am about to compare the US Government to, I shall owe you a home-cooked South Asian meal.

This article relates to a current event. Click Here to follow these developments.

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