Ashoka and Changemaker resources

Here are the links to what I used in class.

Youth Venture. Provides raw material for… (also here.)

Full Economic Citizenship as a goal or mission.

Needs a financial innovation.


More on HVAC.

An example of the HVAC in action in Mexico with small farmers.


Bonus: History of the Internet as it relates to the Code 2.0 book we read.


Let’s Watch Some Porn

On the 24th of February, Bucknell hosted A Debate on Pornography between Craig Gross, a pastor who addresses the struggle with pornography with his website, and Ron Jeremy, a pornography film director and actor. Even though the production and consumption of porn in today’s society is rampant, it remains a taboo issue in most sections of society, even in a developed and modern society like the United States. In a world where profit-making is the sole goal for a growing population, the porn business has emerged as one of the most profitable. However, little is known about how this industry is organized and able to generate the sky-high revenues and profits that it generates.

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