Dad, what’s a “newspaper”?

 “If you would have told them 60 years ago that in 30 years they would be flat on their backs, broke, and pleading for government subsidies, they would have thought you totally demented. Such a future was simply not considered possible.” Theodore Levitt on Railroads, 1960.

Even though Levitt is referring to the railroad industry, he might as well be describing the current state of the newspaper industry. This is the second part of my series on the newspaper industry. Go here for Part One. Continue reading


Where is the Stimulus Money going?

Resources  if you want to dig in deep.

Find out how the government is accounting for our tax dollars.

Cool graphic of all the money allocated last fall:

Tracking TARP money:

Community and Rationality in Facebook

Your humble professor does his part to educate people and enhance Bucknell’s image.  Baltimore Sun Column:

As Bucknell University management professor Jordi Comas puts it, “People aren’t trusting Facebook, they’re trusting the other people who use Facebook. When I see people around me using it, it gives it legitimacy and signals this is a community I can trust.”

What is wrong here?

“Retention bonuses” would seem to be bonuses by any other name.  Obviously, public and political scrutiny is at super high levels as we reel from the financial crisis.

This little nugget caught my eye about a joint venture between Citigroup and Morgan Stanley:

According to the newspaper [The WSJ], not all of the joint venture’s 20,000 brokers would get retention payments. It said a broker who brought in $1 million in revenue last year might expect to get $500,000 to $1 million, depending on how much he continues to produce.

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