Pointing the finger, but at who?

If Enron never would have happened where would we be today? That is the biggest question of all, in order to learn from mistakes we have to have made mistakes. As much as Ken Lay and all the executives at Enron have been criticized for their business practices or sometimes their lack of; they are a company that in the moment was cutting edge and creating one of the most powerful companies in the United States if not the world. The fall of Enron was devastating to millions that were involved directly and indirectly. But to put the blame just on Enron seems to be unrealistic.

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Ken Lay’s Authority

While reading Smartest Guys in the Room, I find myself completely enthralled with how the CEO and creator of Enron, Ken Lay, used his authority, and how his influence shaped how Enron was managed. Authority allocation and style within a organization is fundamental to the success and efficiency of the organization. In order to fully comprehend the managerial styles and theory, I went back to our Organization and Organizing text to find answers.

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Enron and the Former President

I found it almost humorous to hear that Ken Lay was a huge financial backer for Governor George W. Bush. Just the simple thought that Ken Lay drove his company into bankruptcy and George W. Bush drove the United states into a financial nightmare, it would have been so fitting it the two would have actually gone into office together, if you can even imagine, our financial crisis might be even worse then it is now knowing how Ken Lay operated Enron for all those years.
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