Influence of Strategic Design on Behavior: Casinos

After reading Geoff’s post about the design of Yankee Stadium, I was inspired to write about another type of environment that I find truly fascinating. The strategic design of casinos and the impact is has on the individuals within it is a perfect subject for anyone with an interest in the presence of psychology with respect to management. I have taken several management and psychology courses, and discussions about casinos have come up in almost all of them. Geoff’s post about Yankee stadium discussed how the organization and the environment of the arena seems to have a legitimate influence over how individuals act once they are inside it. This environmental influence is extremely present in casinos, and it is undoubtedly a reflection of how management has figured out how to strategically design them to enhance this impact.

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The Influence of Power on Strategic Change

My article is called “Power and Glory: Concentrated Power in Top Management Teams” by Henrich R. Greve and Hitoshi Mitsuhashi.

The article discusses the power of the top management team within a company and the way they influence the strategic decision-making process. The authors believe that there are two driving forces that can promote significant change in an organizing. One is the power of the top management team, and the other is described as the inertia, or mechanisms that can lead to change. They define power as “the ability to get things done the way one wants them done.” It can be determined by either rules and hierarchies, the ability and resources possessed to reward others, or interpersonal relationships. The authors believe that a concentration of power will be most effective in promoting significant strategic change in an organization. Continue reading

Connecting with John Mackey od

I didn’t know much about John Mackey until I read “The Anarchist’s Cookbook.” Learning about his values, management style, personal lifestyle, and overall beliefs regarding an organization has allowed me to make connections in several different areas. First of all, I don’t mean to criticize, but I am legitimately confused as to why he is a vegan based on values (as opposed to preference) when the company he owns offers animal products. The article states that, “He’s now a vegan, on the principal that all food causes harm to the animals that produce it.” Obviously offering animal products is crucial to helping them stay afloat and turn a profit, but the article also says that Mackey is not interested in money, so why didn’t he just remove himself from the business altogether?

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