The Power of the Media

Isn’t it always fascinating how powerful the media can make or break anything? From people, business, and products. Reading the article on Kiva it was interesting to see how the media is such a powerful influential organization.

Overnight, our loan volume went from approximately $3K per day to approximately $30K per day…The Frontline piece was fundamental in making this happen.

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Daily Show Evisecerates Financial Reporting on TV News

The Daily Show once again proves its worth in video editing skills.  This reminds me of Enron and the analysts.

See vod pod video below.

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Note: This is not the image that appeared in the Enron commercial.

Note: This is not the image that appeared in the Enron commercial.

Reading The Smartest Guys in the Room has certainly confirmed one thing: I am glad I am not headed toward a career in finance.  Assets, liabilities, balance sheets, special purpose entities; all concepts I am happy to have left behind in accounting.  Putting these terms aside, I decided to put my interest in marketing into practice.  After youtube-ing videos on Enron to get a better grasp on the downfall that occurred, I came across several promotional Enron commercials.  “ask why” was a major commercial selling point of Enron prior to their bankruptcy.  Commercials were broadcasted via television all across the nation urging consumers to ask why. Continue reading

Community and Rationality in Facebook

Your humble professor does his part to educate people and enhance Bucknell’s image.  Baltimore Sun Column:

As Bucknell University management professor Jordi Comas puts it, “People aren’t trusting Facebook, they’re trusting the other people who use Facebook. When I see people around me using it, it gives it legitimacy and signals this is a community I can trust.”