Does one Organization define YOU?

To be given the freedom to write about a gamut of things for this final assignment, I have encountered many roadblocks. Not many opportunities are given where you are not just “assigned” a topic. As my thoughts began to come together with what I wanted to look at in reference to organizations, and how they can tie in with what was discussed throughout the course of the semester, I came to the big question of are you defined by an organization?

During your college year’s it could be said, with some confidence, that yes, you are defined by the organization’s with which you are involved with. A collegiate lifestyle is structured around what meeting you have on Monday, what speaker you go to on Tuesday, and what event is on Thursday. Organization’s make up the individual that you are. As you leave college life behind, one might think that you would leave all of the “organization’s” behind. In reality you take it all with you, you form new organization’s and build off of the one’s that you had in college.
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The Clash of Organizations: From the CIA to the Taleban


The organization structure of an intelligence agency is perhaps one of the most interesting structures that come to mind when studying organizational theory. My curiosity, and the plentiful room for speculation that is available when trying to study the workings of an intelligence agency make this subject as interesting as it is. To demonstrate the diversity that exists in organization structures across the board, I have selected three different organizations that were arguably created to serve a variation of the same set of goals for the region of interest (and operation).

To get us started, I will present a brief introduction of all three organizations.

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