Enron: A Biased View

Through our analysis of The Smartest Guys in the Room, I have had a hard time believing that Enron, as big as it was, was able to get away with so many “illegal” activities for such a long period of time. It is hard to accept the fact that the way our society is structured (with relationships and power of certain individuals and organizations) lends itself to such heinous acts. Why would we let a seeming “bully” take advantage of so many people? Without rejecting any of the information provided to the reader through the novel, I have also tried to take a step back from the strong viewpoints of the authors of the book so that a more neutral understanding of the situation could be laid out. Continue reading


Note: This is not the image that appeared in the Enron commercial.

Note: This is not the image that appeared in the Enron commercial.

Reading The Smartest Guys in the Room has certainly confirmed one thing: I am glad I am not headed toward a career in finance.  Assets, liabilities, balance sheets, special purpose entities; all concepts I am happy to have left behind in accounting.  Putting these terms aside, I decided to put my interest in marketing into practice.  After youtube-ing videos on Enron to get a better grasp on the downfall that occurred, I came across several promotional Enron commercials.  “ask why” was a major commercial selling point of Enron prior to their bankruptcy.  Commercials were broadcasted via television all across the nation urging consumers to ask why. Continue reading

Entrée Issues

Reading The Smartest Guys in the Room has forced me to acknowledge that our world is not as honest as I once thought. I remember about 2 years ago when I took a tour of the NY Stock Exchange a broker said to me personally, “times have changed… there is just not as much trust anymore.” I liked to believe that he was wrong—however, I figured even if he was right, and people were not trustworthy, the government would force them to maintain some level of truth. The government had full control and operated very effectively. I am increasingly disconcerted about what I hear in the news regarding both organizations and the government. Here are a couple of things frustrating me:

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