The Business Anarchist Is The New Entrepreneur

Maybe an entrepreneur and anarchist have more in common than most people think. John Mackey’s Whole Foods revolution and Tod Murphy’s Farmer’s Diner both share one thing in common as managers: they have disregarded and rejected the norms surrounding their respective industries and have forged new paths to reshape the food industry, arguably much like an anarchist does with a governing system. Although some may argue that they are both simply entrepreneurs, it seems to me that these two men cannot simply be thrown into the typical definition of an entrepreneur:



a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

Therefore, it seems to me that their vision for the future and the principles they run their businesses on classify them as something more than just an entrepreneur. Could they be closer to business anarchists? They both possess the knowledge and hope that their businesses have the potential to alter the direction of the food industry as a whole. So, what can we learn as managers from these two men? Continue reading


Death by Peanut Butter

In order to make the reading a little easier, I split my blog into two parts. First, there is a review of the article I found, followed by an analysis and connection to the prior class discussion and article…

Article Review:

As many of you know probably already know, there has recently been an outbreak of salmonella poisoning stemming from contaminated peanut butter from a manufacturer in Georgia.  The contamination has sparked what some experts project to be one of the largest recalls of food in US history. Because peanut butter and paste are used to make so many foods, the number of recalled items and the total bulk is enormous. To date, 500 people have been sickened, including four in Arkansas, and as many as 8 deaths may be linked to the outbreak.  The Justice Department and the FDA’s office of criminal investigation are attempting to investigate the manufacturer, Peanut Corp. of America, whose plant is located in Georgia. In recent investigations of the peanut manufacturing facilities, FDA inspectors found a roof leaking into the food area. In addition, pests and metal fragments were also found. The FDA claims Peanut Corp. found salmonella in products, but shipped them anyway, after a retest found no salmonella. In light of the recent outbreak, President Barrack Obama has ordered a complete review of the Food and Drug Administration because of the  “instances over the last several years” in which “the FDA has not been able to catch some of these things as quickly as I expect them to catch.” In an interview with Matt Lauer, President Obama stated, Continue reading

Tod Murphy – On the road to success?

Tod Murphy has taken a huge leap into the pool of dining.  He has stepped backwards and attempted to bring back the basics by supplying 60-70% of locally grown food.  Supporting local farmers is, what I believe, a very worthy cause.  Although this article was written four years ago, when I look at our economy now I cringe.  Something needs to be done to stimulate the economy.

I received a rather funny e-mail from my parents the other day.  It discussed the economic stimulus packet that taxpayers are going to receive this year.  The e-mail was arranged in a Q&A format, and was clearly against this proposed government issuance of money.  What really caught my attention was the end of the e-mail, which I have conveniently copied here:

Continue reading