Virtual Worlds Paper: WordPress Has Some Awesome Tools…

Hey Everyone! Here is a copy of my paper on VWs if anyone is interested. I am using WordPress as a tool to convert to HTML.

            Every once in a while a new type of organization comes along and changes the way that the world works. In the past these have included guilds, schools, and corporations. Today the new type of organization is not tangible, but rather lies within the depths of our computer screen. The organization type that I am talking about is Continue reading


Final Paper Topic… Take a Guess…

That’s right folks, I am continuing with my interest in Virtual Worlds and will be looking further into them for my final paper. I will be taking a slightly different approach from my previous blog post as this paper will be more informative than that post and less to prove a point. I plan to explore both the positives and the negatives of virtual worlds (I would like to look into some of the things Chaz brought up in comments in my previous post). 

The positives I express will be more geared to how Virtual Worlds are helping people to communicate, communify (I may have made this word up, but I thought that the 3 C’s would be fun), and collaborate. I have even found some interesting videos on youtube about how companies and schools are using Virtual Worlds to collaborate (similar technology to what is Josh talked about in his post, only in Second Life). This interests me because it takes away geographical borders (they don’t have to be in the same room to be working on the same project). Hopefully as my research blossoms I will find more information to support this idea, not just within businesses but in other organizations and social atmospheres.

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My participation isn’t low… my connection is slow!

Virtual Classroom

People are finding innovative uses for virtual worlds, some professors are even holding classes in Second Life. Read about this and other interesting uses of this phenomenon in this post!

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Gaming Addiction

I’ll be the first one to admit, I LOVE video games. I’ve literally sat for eight hours straight on the same level trying to beat a boss. I realize this is extremely sad, but anyone who is into video games understands the thrills and frustrations that come along with it. While often I get sucked into the world of on line gaming, I have found that my life has never been controlled or negatively affected by my participation (if you don’t count the three broken controllers). Discussing virtual worlds in class got me thinking, are there people who have become so utterly consumed by virtual worlds that they completely reject the real world? During my research, I came across, a site to help gamers with there addiction to the most popular mythical role playing game, World of Warcraft. the site posts tutorials from gamers who admit they were addicted, and what made them realize they in fact had a problem. Continue reading

Virtual Worlds for Non-Believers


During our talk in class about virtual worlds it became clear to me that some people frown upon virtual worlds because they just don’t get it. Why would a person want to live a life online and outside of the real world?

1. No geographic boundaries! Thats right folks… you yourself can sit next to your best friend who is abroad in Europe (via your computer screen) and chat it up. While this is great for social purposes (maybe you can make new friends Continue reading