Where to get ideas

This is a page I will update regularly.  You will find all kinds of resources here.  Where possible, I will try and use those that are universally accessible, although we do have some that you can get your hands (and eyeballs) on that are Bucknell-specific.

Organization Theory/Studies/Science Blogs

Authentic Organizations

Org Theory.Net

Economic Sociology

Economics Blogs


Baseline Scenario [Good stuff on financial crisis]

Economist (the magazine) Free Exchange

Think Tanks

Pew Research Center (has good projects on Internet, People and the Press, Climate Change)

Aspen Institute (Socially Responsible Business Research)

Brookings Institute on Economics

Cato Institute (Libertarian Policy)

Center for American Progress (progressive public policy)

Financial Crisis Policy and Reporting

ProPublica– Independent news and greta coverage of the stimulus.

Congressional Oversight Panel

Planet Money (NPR Blog and podcasts)

“Inside the Meltdown” Documentary on the financial meltdown

Global Perspective

UN Human Development Reports

Blogging tips

One Cool Site

You want stats?  I got stats

OECD statistics

Fed’s Economic Research


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  1. Thanks so much for thinking highly enough of my blog to link to it. I appreciate it.

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